Tången 4, Stockholm

In 2009 Savana acquired a property near Liljeholmsbron on Södermalm from Diligentia. The property consisted of empty houses, commercial premises, a garage and a large courtyard. The residential apartments were separated off by a separate three dimensional  property registration into a property of their own (Tången 16) and were sold to a housing association. The commercial premises, the garage and the courtyard comprise Tången 4 and are still owned by Savana. A planning process has begun with the aim of creating building rights for housing in the courtyard.

The commercial premises are rented by Friskis och Svettis (Motionsidrottens Service AB) The garage has room for 73 cars and 8 motorcycles.

Property name    Tången 4, Stockholm
Address Liljeholmsbron 6-8
Area of property (gross) 1 526 m2
Area of site 1 645 m2 (3D)


  • Rental of premises

    Rental of premises


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