Kopparen 11, Tyresö

Kopparen 11 was originally an industrial property, which was converted primarily to commerce.  The property is situated several hundred metres from Tyresövägen Road  and has a lot of parking spaces which in the future will be built on.

The major tenant, Swedmart AB, have recently expanded their areas, which in principle means that the property is fully let during the next financial year. In connection with this, renovations and adaptations to tenants of previously vacant areas have been carried out. The tenants include Swedmart AB (partly owned by Savana), Rhenglas and Liu-Zhan Restaurang HB.

Property name              Kopparen 11, Tyresö
Address Industrivägen 14
Area of property (gross) 3 547 m2
Area of site 8 572 m2


  • Rental of premises

    Rental of premises


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