Söderby 2:60&61, Haninge

Brandbergen Centre is a local centre in Haninge Municipality, built in 1974 and 2001. Apart from retail, different types of service are mostly offered. Savana bought Brandbergen Centre in bankruptcy from Kefren IX.

Savana is working intensively on marketing the centre site and has developed a homepage, a new logo and a newspaper for the centre. The first issue of the newspaper came out in June 2013. Savana has also invested in the Cosmopolite cinema.

Savana is planning in the future to build apartments in association with the centre, and is working with Haninge Municipality to alter the local plan to make this possible.

The major tenants are ICA Sverige AB, Stockholm County Council and Haninge Municipality.

Property name Söderby 2:60 & 2:61, Haninge
Address Jungfruns gata 417-419, 416-418
Area of property (gross) 14 496 m2
Area of site 26 542 m2


  • Rental of premises

    Rental of premises


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