Kryssaren 8 Isbrytaren 1, Södertälje

The properties are located in Södrahamnen industrial area near Södertälje harbor. The area consists of a large proportion of industrial and distribution buildings, but it also borders a residential area northwest of the property. The properties are situated in a high location, framed by woods on a slope down towards Igelstaviken. On the other side of Igelstaviken lies Östertälje, which is a very popular and beautiful residential area overlooking the bay.

The properties have an excellent communicative location about 36 km southwest of Stockholm, with direct proximity to both the E4 and E20 and to the Södertälje train station with commuter trains and buses to Stockholm. Södertälje town center is located approximately 1.5 km north of the property, with access to services and commerce as well as to communications in the form of buses and Södertälje city center.

Kryssaren 8
Property name Kryssaren 8
County Södertälje
Address Hansavägen 5-7,11
Area of property (gross) 29 593 m2
Area of site 45 715 m2


Isbrytaren 1
Property name Isbrytaren 1
County Södertälje
Address Framnäsvägen 1, Hansavägen 6-10, m.fl.
Area of property (gross) 17 577 m2
Area of site 30 276 m2

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